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This should answer some questions about the type of lights and triggers that we have been using in the studio events and on location....


To trigger the studio lights you will need to either have a Pocket Wizard or a PT-04 GY


The Profotos studio lights that we use for the events have built in Pocket Wizard receivers and in addition we attached the PT-04 GY receivers to trigger the lights.


Pocket Wizards and PT-04 GY do not operate on the same frequency. The PT-04 GY, do trigger the Profoto studio lights as well as out Vivitar 2600D with out interference....


The price for a Pocket Wizard Pluss II is $169.00 each or you can rent one from George's Camera in North Park or Calumet Photo in North County


The price for a PT-04 GY starts at $19.99 for the pair


I recommend to buy the PT-04 GY . They are less expensive than the Pocket Wizard and can be use as a off camera flash system....They are a eBay item and take about a 2 to 3 weeks to arrive by mail....


I recommend to buy the trigger from Cowboystudio - they have a stronger signal.

And the receivers from China-iShoot - they are sturdier.


If you are buying the trigger from Cowboystudio and the receivers from China-iShoot then I recoment that you contact the seller and exchange the trigger with a receiver (i have done this and they asked me to pay the difference of $3.00).


One trigger and one receiver ($25.00) from Cowboystudio in the US


One trigger and three receiver ($28.98) from China-iShoot


You might consider buying more receivers from China-iShoot

One trigger and four receiver ($34.92)


Additional hardware



This link will have information on the light set up that I use on location including the type of flashes that I use and materials that I use to build the system.


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